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  • Creation of report packages

    Report pack creation is the final stage of every report closing period. Without automation, its resource demand is high. With the help of CRS Portal, report packages can be produced out of the relevant reports with just one click. Report packages can be made individually, but it is also possible to create centralized report packages that are available to everyone who owns access rights needed.

  • KPI Indicators

    In case of trend-bases analyses, it is often useful if graphs can be produced out of the available data. This can be done in the KPI module, which offers numerous graph types. Graphs can either be printed or integrated into other documents.

  • Approval

    It means a daily problem for every organization that the same data can be found in different systems with different visualization logic, so it is often very difficult to find out, which data are approved. For solving this problem, CRS Portal has an approval function that enables users to access, approve and close reports and KPI indicators, stored in CRS Portal. This way data will become accessible for users only if they have been checked and approved.

  • Data Management

    Each department has its own process for data management, which means that there are many databases where data management is not controlled. In these cases, data should be stored in database servers, within a secure environment. Data management function of CRS Portal provides an appropriate solution for this problem. A secure environment is created both for the manual and automatic data management via direct connection with the data source.

  • Audit

    Checking user activity within CRS Portal should be useful in many cases. The generated reports and the usage of the KPI module must be monitored in order to make effective use of resources. The audit function within the CRS Portal is the key in this case. All user activities within the Portal are logged and can subsequently be analyzed via defined reports provided by the Portal.

  • Decision Support (BI)

    Data can be analyzed using very expensive devices, or via their related data warehouses or data markets. However, there may be a lack of IT and financial resources to operate such an environment. CRS Portal can address this problem with the help of the BI solution. The BI module establishes a direct connection with a database in the system and analyses the different levels of data without involving any other tools.

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