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Small Business Package Suite includes pre-defined monthly financial reports and indicators (KPIs) with a supported application of automated data analysis. Users can create pre-defined reports, indicators (KPIs) and data analyzes without the need of any integration to other analytic systems.

Shortly, CRS Portal Small Business Package is a turn-key automatic office, which helps everyone to make effective business decisions based on reliable financial information.

Who is it for?

This solution is recommended for companies that currently doesn't have regular reporting activities and data services as part of their accountancy processes.

Small Business Package doesn't require integration with other systems. All prepared contents can be used promptly, simply by loading the predefined CSV files with a few clicks.

The package includes

  • Interactive starting screen (Dashboard)

  • 7 financial reports, 4 reporting packages

  • 10 financial indicators (KPI)

  • Document management

  • External application (link) integration

  • Decision support analysis (BI)

  • Small business application

Interactive starting screen

About us

Avensoft Kft. was founded in 2006 as the successor of Verticum 2004 Bt. Our main objective is developing, delivering and maintaining complete, turnkey business information systems precisely tailored to user needs.