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"What if?" analysis
High level calculation and data analysis width CRS Portal

What if
planning and analysis tool

This planning and analysis tool gives answers for "What if…?" type questions. This tool provides possibilities for setting up different scenarios and analysis cases for observing a specific problem within CRS Portal. By comparing the results of these observations, users will have a clear picture of which of the scenarios, based on the initial data, approaches the most - or not in the least - the expected result. Results of the analyses can be put on a graph with drag and drop and displayed results can visually be analyzed. Analyses are supported by pre-built analysis functions from which even more can be displayed on the graph at the same time.

Two different directions are available regarding analysis. In the first case a hierarchical system of conditions can be set up, using existing basic data in order to determine final results. In the second case in the light of the outcome can be built such a concatenation that is directed towards the distribution (division) of the result.

Mobile app

Mobile app version of CRS Portal is now available for iOS in English and Hungarian languages and can be downloaded from Apple App Store. By choosing the appropriate time period, we can display any kind of data previously set in CRS Portal also on our mobile devices. Periodic reports and KPI-s will be displayed on the mobile interface as well, in parallel with period closes within CRS Portal. Mobile client supports multicompany functions, so data of multiple companies can be displayed and checked within the app.
Understanding the CRS Mobile server architecture

Big Data

Pivot-based Big Data analytic tool enables online analysis of even millions of data, during running time, without the need of long preparation, even directly from the source systems. Available data can be transformed into the most suitable and analyzed form by drag and drop, results of the analyses can be saved and shared with the colleagues.

The CRS Portal Big Data analysis

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