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  • Different report structure by periods
  • Displaying verified and audited reports
  • Interactive communication (by adding comments) between the user and the creator of the report, within an isolated environment
  • Basic reports and related documents at one place, is periodical structure
  • Creation and printing of individual or centralized report package in PDF
  • Displaying different reports for different time periods at one place or even in a printable report package
  • Staged authorization process

Indicators (KPI)

  • Displaying graphs by topic
  • Checked and audited report visualization
  • Printable indices individually and in groups
  • Source data of graphs are displayed and exported into XLS format
  • Reports, linked to graphs
  • Enlarged full screen view
  • Possibility to embed graphs into other applications
  • Displaying source data of graphs
  • 3D view support
  • Multi-step authorization process


  • Direct connection with data sources
  • Application-level data compliance layer (Mapping)
  • Intelligent data grid controls
  • Data manipulation and dynamic data control
  • Automatic reports and publication
  • File loading and saving data source into file
  • Running database operations from the application
  • Creation of process driven applications
  • Report pattern planning
  • Data transformation between databases
  • Virtual base data from different data sources

  • Riportok
  • KPI
  • Alkalmazás
  • Döntéstámogatás
  • Dokumentumok
  • Link

Decision support (BI)

  • Online data analysis
  • Saving analysis view of patched data
  • Sharing saved analyses
  • Exporting data into XLS format
  • Usage of simple and complex data sources
  • Patching analysis view without data connection
  • "What if..." planning support
  • Graphical visualization of different analysis scenarios
  • Supporting mathematical statistical functions


  • Sharing data among the users of the portal
  • Email alert for authorized users when files are uploaded
  • Displaying documents on starting screen
  • Sharing reports by documents, without permission
  • Displaying documents by users


  • Collection of local sites and online applications
  • Sharing sites among the users of the Portal
  • Displaying favorites on the starting page
  • Copying user rights among users
  • Personal and global links

About us

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